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Exclusive Buyer AgentExclusive Buyer Agent is a relationship of trust between the buyer agent and the buyer client. True buyer agency is an exclusive buyer agent, who tells the home buyer everything about the property, keeps the buyers negotiating position confidential and promotes only the buyers best interest in order to secure the lowest price and most favorable terms for the home buyer only, never the seller.  

Buyer Agents are not created equal…there are 2 kinds:


1. Buyer Agent in a regular/traditional office*. 

A Buyer Agent in a regular office may act as a Buyers Agents, Sellers Agent or Transaction Broker…all in the same day, depending upon which property they are showing  a home buyer.  They cannot always represent a buyer like an Exclusive Buyer Agent can and will.  A regular Buyer Agent may also be a sellers agent or a Transaction Broker which is a middleman with no loyalty to either party.  (*traditional office is an office that also represents sellers  like C-21, ReMax, Keller Williams etc.)


2. Exclusive Buyer Agent in an Exclusive Buyer Agency office. 

Only an Exclusive Buyers Agent that works in a BUYERS ONLY office can exclusively and always represent the home buyer.  They never represent sellers. An Exclusive Buyer Agent never acts as Transaction Brokers, either.  Exclusive Buyer Agent only and always represent the best interest of the home buyer, without any conflict of interest.  An Exclusive Buyer Agent never double talks so there is never any confusion on who the Exclusive Buyers Agent truly represents.  They represent only home buyers.


Buyers Broker of Florida team are members of the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agent (www.NAEBA.org).  NAEBA members adhere to a higher standard of code of ethics than a non Exclusive Buyer Agent due to their belief that it is impossible to attempt to represent or pretend to represent both the buyer and seller in the same transaction.  They give full fiduciary duties of loyalty, confidentiality and full disclosure only to the home buyer.


Buyers Broker of Florida has the most experienced Exclusive Buyer Agents in the State of Florida.  For someone you can always count on call 407-539-1053.

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